Susan Curtis and Brandi Pack of Jocelyn Wines


Brandi Pack, Managing Partner
Susan Curtis, Owner

Cultivating Jocelyn Lonen Winery has been a complete labor of love for its founding family. A passion for fine wine and a high-regard for the Napa Valley drew Lonen Curtis to the wine business in the mid-1990’s. After retiring from the high-tech industry, Lonen embarked on the single-minded, serious pursuit of making world-class wine. He planted his first vineyard and began to develop the Jocelyn Lonen Winery in 1996. Lonen and his wife Susan along with his daughter Brandi Jocelyn Pack and her husband and children moved to the Napa Valley the following year.

Lonen developed an impressive foundation for the Jocelyn Lonen winery and brand working closely with his daughter Brandi. Over the subsequent two years this father-daughter team managed the winery until Lonen’s passing in December 2004.

Sharing her father’s passion for the wine business, Brandi has worked tirelessly to develop Jocelyn Lonen. Under her careful and insightful management, the winery has grown and blossomed. As Managing Partner, she is a hands-on leader dedicating herself to overseeing the great team at Jocelyn Lonen and assuring the utmost in top-quality wine and creating a unique experience for customers visiting the winery.

Although not involved in the daily business, Susan Curtis, widow of Lonen and mother of Brandi, is one of Jocelyn Lonen’s biggest, best and most loyal supporters.