National Sales Manager

Angela Herrera Lockhart is a first generation Salvadorian, who was born and raised in Sacramento, CA. She recalls celebrating every New Year’s with a glass of wine even as a young child. Her adult life journey was shaped through her studies abroad through UC Davis. Angela had the pleasure and privilege of living in Granada, Spain for one year while studying History and Spanish at the University of Granada. During her year abroad she visited Italy, France, Portugal, and Morocco. “Europe is where I fell in love with wine,” says Angela. She remembers her first table wine, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo…like it was just yesterday. That year changed her entire life as she returned to the U.S. at the ripe age of 21 as a wine-o! Although Angela’s career path was far from the wine industry her passion for wine never subsided. Angela worked in various sales, sales management and business development positions for eight years before becoming a part of Jocelyn Lonen. Just four months prior to her relocation to Napa in 2007 Angela grabbed a back pack, hiking shoes and a one-way ticket to South America! Again, she found herself immersed in the Spanish history and culture but this time there was no studying involved, which left lots of time for wine tasting! After hiking the four-day Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, Angela made her way down to Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile. Once again, Angela fell head over heels in love. This time it was a little wine called, Malbec. "Mendoza is the Napa of Argentina, and to this day I have yet to taste a Malbec as perfect as the Argentineans'."

By the time she returned to the Napa Valley to join her then-boyfriend-now-husband Angela knew she had to get in the wine business somehow and apply her sales skills to the wine industry. Angela was actually a client of Jocelyn Lonen first. She loved the tasting experience, the story, the varietals and the quality behind the wines. She quickly became a “raving fan” and within one year, Angela joined the Jocelyn Lonen team as National Sales Manager. Angela is passionate about Jocelyn Lonen’s wines, which makes her job much easier! Her passion and energy are contagious so look out for her the next time you are at a wine event or show!